The Right Diagnostic Imaging Exams Can Change Lives

Diagnostic Imaging Melbourne FL

A patient is often hesitant to undergo diagnostic testing for a number of reasons. Most tests are time consuming, expensive, and uncomfortable or painful at times. In some instances, a patient also deems it unnecessary to undergo such procedures.

The right diagnostic tests can actually change lives. These tests aid a physician in determining the right course of action based on test results. Tests make it easier to identify certain diseases in specific body parts. Prevalent symptoms can be similar in different diseases and diagnostic tests help distinguish the difference in order for doctors to accurately diagnose it. Best of all, advanced technology allows diagnostic testing machines to find abnormalities which doctors are unable to spot immediately. These tests will help spot potential life threatening issues including those which are cancerous in nature. Thus, an early treatment is prescribed which prevents the illness from becoming worse.

Diagnostic Imaging Melbourne FL

Every patient has the right to know what a specific diagnostic testing is for including risks and benefits associated with the procedure. The patient must be briefed about how a procedure is completed and what preparation is required. With proper information, a patient is less doubtful about specific diagnostic tests.

Advanced technology has enabled the use of new equipments which allows procedures to be completed faster, with minimal discomfort attached, and at a more affordable price. Some of the newer medical devices used for diagnostic testing include the following:

  • Philips Infineon MRI reduces MRI examination time by half the usual time needed and allows results to be processed faster.
  • Philips Brilliance Multi-Slice CT scanner features multi slice configuration and 3D virtual imaging. It can complete body scans in less than a minute and can yield routine high performance. It is applied for screening in colonoscopy, bronchoscopy, angiography, coronary artery calcium, lung cancer, and oncology imaging.
  • Digital mammogram, a special x-ray of the breast is applied to locate possible cancers early on.
  • Mammotome technology including the Mammotome Breast Biopsy System is used an early diagnosis method for breast cancer. It can be completed in less than an hour and requires only a quarter of inch of incision under anesthesia to lessen uneasiness.
  • DEXA or Dual Energy X-ray Absorptiometry is utilized for body composition and fat free body mass and is most accurate among competing methods.
  • Color Doppler images is used for a precise representation of internal body parts.
  • Computer Aided Detection or CAD is now used in aiding radiologists when interpreting mammograms with the use of digital imagery.

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